Creating Life Safety Solutions for the Waste Management Industry

Thermal Imaging Fire Detection
Thermal detection equipment can be one of the most reliable fire safety technologies, and can also be quickly deployed where necessary. We achieved this recently with Browns Waste Management who required a new fire detection system following a risk assessment.

The Client
Browns Waste Management


Browns Waste Management offered a somewhat unique challenge as one of the leading waste management and recycling providers in the West Wales area. They have been providing a high quality and professional service in a family atmosphere for over 20 years, with a business built around customer care and high performance. Their high performance is demonstrated in the fact that they are able to recycle over 90% of the waste they receive at their waste transfer station and recycling facility in Bynea. They are also determined to get closer and closer to 100% in the future.

They operate in a dynamic and busy environment, with their waste management collection and recycling operations requiring no small amount of versatility. They also maintain a fleet of vehicles and a team of fully trained staff to provide the necessary customer assistance and care.

The Challenge

Of course, such a high performing company as Browns must abide by local and national legislation to ensure health and safety standards are met, which means carrying out an extensive risk assessment in all areas of the waste transfer station and recycling facility. The most recent assessment discovered a need for some significant improvements to the fire safety systems in place, primarily in the form of an early warning fire detection alarm system.

Due to the nature of their business, Browns were required to ensure their new fire safety system was installed to a minimum of the P2 Grade of the fire alarm categories. This means early warning fire detectors must be installed in all high-risk areas so that the early detection can decrease the time it takes for fire services to arrive on the scene and minimise the damage. 

The early warning systems had to cover their recycling facility as well as the waste transfer building, as these were the main areas where the internal combustible waste was stored. Browns also had to ensure their new fire alarm system could be externally monitored by a central monitoring station via dual com signalling with immediate fire brigade notification on alarm activation.

In addition, the new early warning fire detection alarm system had to be designed and installed as well as serviced in accordance with fire safety standard BS58391 by an appropriately accredited company, which is where we come in.

The Solution

We were able to provide Browns Waste Management with the ideal solution in the form of a thermal imaging fire detection system, which would satisfy their insurance requirements and comply to the necessary British Standards. The system quickly identifies the sudden increase in temperature created by a small fire and immediately alerts the fire services and the management of Browns Waste Management itself. The system can be monitored externally from a central monitoring system and ensures the waste transfer building and recycling facility are safe and sound 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The Browns Waste Management team can also rest assured that should there ever be a fire incident, then it will be dealt with quickly by the fire services who will be immediately informed of the problem as soon as it arises. This allows Browns to easily meet all the necessary risk assessment criteria while continuing their great waste recycling work.

Mathew Roderick
Browns Waste Management

“Beacon Detection exceeded expectations from the initial quoting stages, installation & handover of the system. We were informed at every stage of the process, leaving us assured that the solution they provided was the best the industry can offer. The engineers worked very considerately, providing minimal disruption to us in a challenging / busy area of the business. I would like to commend them on their hard work, politeness, helpfulness – they have been a pleasure to have on site.”