Yes you read that correctly, MONITORING FROM £1 Per Day!

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I already have an Intruder Alarm.
Why do I need it monitored?

There are many reasons why Intruder Alarm monitoring is advantageous:

monitoring intruder alarm news

Are you in an area with little or no phone signal?

Sure you have a fantastic Intruder Alarm system at home to give you the peace of mind allowing you to go on holiday, leave a property vacant knowing your mobile phone will alert you to any potential intruders! But if you have no signal, who’s going to advise you?

monitoring intruder alarm news

Is your phone software up to date?

Why would that affect my Intruder Alarm? Many mobile apps require mobile phones to be running the latest software in order to operate efficiently, if your operating system is running behind there is a chance that notifications will not filter through!

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Reducing False Alarms!

Are false alarms keeping you up at night? With an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) staff are on hand 24/7 to monitor Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Fire Alarm Systems to identify what is a real threat and what is a false alarm. This leads to a more effective system, reduction in false alarms and a piece of mind knowing your premises are covered!

monitoring intruder alarm news

Is this an insurance requirement?

Some insurers not only specify the grade of alarm required but also if the system should be monitored – when did you last check your requirements?

These are just a few informative examples. However, this email was not sent to scare you, this email was sent to help! 

At Beacon Detection, we know that protecting your property is important, and we have got you covered! This year it is our focus to ensure our clients are kept up to date, given the best customer service and offered the best systems at the most competitive of prices. 

So what are we offering:

  • CCTV/Intruder Alarm/Fire Alarm Monitoring 
  • 24/7 response with one of our specialist partner Alarm Receiving Centres
  • Faster alerts to emergency services 
  • Your premises will become a higher risk for criminals 
  • Guaranteed response in the event of an activation
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
All of this for as little as £1 a day! 
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