Intruder Alarm

Feeling safe and secure both during the day and at night in our homes is a basic right we all deserve. Unfortunately, crime does happen, and it is imperative that our properties are properly secured so we can relax and feel completely safe in our homes.

Beacon Detection can provide your home or business with the additional security you are looking for, by designing and installing quality and innovative intruder alarms to cater for your specific safety needs and requirements.

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Pyronix intruder alarm equipment

The intruder alarms we design and install in South and Mid Wales area are made with Pyronix intruder alarm equipment. Pyronix is a world-leading manufacturer of electronic security equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

By using Pyronix, our intruder alarm specialists can design and install wire, wireless and hybrid intruder alarms, which can be customised to meet your specific security needs. Even if you’ve got pets, we can install a pet-friendly intruder alarm in a house in Crickhowell or anywhere in South Wales for that matter, to meet all your security expectations.


Hard-wired intruder alarm systems is the traditional method used for installing alarm systems and are best suited in new buildings when the cables can be installed flush within the fabric of the building.


Wireless intruder alarm systems operate on batteries and are the perfect solution for existing properties where it isn’t possible to conceal the cables.


A hybrid alarm system is a combination of hard-wired and wireless devices connected to the system. This type of system is best suited in existing buildings where installing cables is not an option in all areas, you therefore use a mixture of hard-wired and wireless devices as required.